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Peripheral Attention, is a collection of photographs depicting the stillness found within light and time. A spill on the ground, a man sweeping the floor of an office, a pattern of shadows, these and other things are some of the reoccurring motifs in the work. I find these quiet moments intriguing; they give me the ability to appreciate the spontaneous happenings in the world around me. The material and process behind this work is minimal, I simply walk around with my camera, and each time I feel the need to take a photograph, I do it, without hesitation. The relatively small scale of the photographs and overall installation of the photographs is an important element in the work. Each assemblage of prints act as a window. The captured moments are paired with a friend, two or three images that are seemingly unrelated, but help to inform the viewer of the visual journey through these quiet moments.

Peripheral Attention, is simply a body of images that allow my curiosity and excitement about photography to remain.

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